Hello First I want to thank all of the people that use the web site and make it a success. I appreciate your support and appreciate you giving support to the various people that visit the website. I also thank previous customers for their support and repeat sales and for sending new customers to the site from chat rooms and forums or by simply passing our phone number on. The past year has been a tough year due to the economy and some folks are simply not spending and many can not donate. A donation as small as one dollar is greatly appreciated here at Jims Perf and I am not expecting huge donations from anyone  but dont let me stop you if you would like make a large donation.  So if you feel you have benefited from this site and would like to help pay for future improvements or you just want to help out we would appreciate it.As budget allows the site will expand and we hope to offer new products and also ad a free board where items can be listed for sale by the owner and sold thru our site but at no cost to buyer or seller. Also a full tech service option will be implemented at no cost to customers for GM repair information. As for the folks that do donate a list will be posted each quarter to show who participated and if a business a link will be added to link page the same month of donation. Lets keep the wheels turning as we help each other.

Please mail any donation you would like to make to


 Jim France

8930 Old Frederick Rd
Ellicott City MD 21043

Thank You