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We Build Wiring Harnesses for TPI/DFI/Commander

Thinking of installing an ACCEL DFI or FAST System?
We know how to install and program DFI and FAST equipped cars.
We also sell programs to help the do it your selfer!

We  Make
harnesses for late model GM and Early conversions
trucks and cars. You do not need to remove the factory wire in some cases
The factory ECM remains operational for E trans.You will have full programmability of your performance computer without loosing electronic transmission controls and other functions.If equipped with a 4L60E 

Holley Commander 950

We build TPI wiring harnesses to allow the use of programmable ecms such as HOLLEY COMMANDER 950.We can also convert your exsisting TPI or TBI harness to accept this ecm as a direct plug in with no jumper harnesses.The Commander is programmable thru a laptop with no special interface cables needed other than a serial connection in which we supply in the harness. This ecm sells for $640

NOTE: This is the smallest of all the ecms available and is to be mounted inside of the vehicle

Accel DFI

We also build and modify wiring harnesses to accept Accel programmable Gen 6 ecm's. This ecm requires the purchase of Calmap software which includes a program,book, and a special interface cable.This ecm sold for $749 and has been replaced with Gen7 and is no longer available and we do not  work with Gen 7 but yes we still make and support good old Gen 6.


For the serious racer that simply wants the best this is the system to use. Comes with a harness, software, ecm,O2. WIDE BAND BANK to BANK $1949 WIDE BAND SEQUENTIAL $2660