Harness Mods



 We can rework a stock wiring harness to be used in a conversion to your specifications. We can merge LT1 harness into factory car or truck harness so you plug it back in.We can thin out and label any GM harness.We can bench your harness to insure it will work.We can thin out a LT1 harness and or take a LT1 OBD2 harness and reconfigure it to run with just 2 O2s and run on a 8051 (94-95 ecm) as well as change the coil feed plug if you want to use a 96-7 harness on a 94-5 LT1 or the other way around. We can also rework the Caprice harness or Buick Roadmaster harnesses to be used in conversions. Keep in mind that these harness have the ecm mounted forward in the car where the F body harness  is longer and more desirable in most cases but not all. The Vette harness is very short and the ecm was located on drivers side fiewall area..Most mods are done in 5 to 7 days. To rewok a LT1 harness is $250. This means we open harness up and remove un-needed wiring for the conversion, such as  anti-lock, oil level,traction control, and egr when not wanted.We also install a ALDL/DLC plug for scan tools as well as tail out and label the fan trigger wires, fuel pump, 4 k speed out wire,Service light wire,AC wire,. We can add in Fan 1, Fan 2 and Fuel control relays with wiring for fans and pumps including fusible links . This includes a length of #10 wire for each fan and a run of #12 to reach the pump.Most harness mods take 3-5 days. Upon completion we contact you and bill to you Master or Visa OR we also take www.paypal.com  if desired. So if you have a good used harness or if your salvage yard provided an original harness with the drivetrain consider reworking it.

                                                                                        If you have any questions about your particular conversion E-Mail Jim